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About Prepare for Success

Before coming to study, I asked myself, 'What am I going to do?' I wanted to research before arriving. - Anusha

Welcome to Prepare for Success, an online toolkit of interactive multimedia learning materials to help you prepare for study in the UK.

This online toolkit aims to:

  • introduce you to aspects of university study in the UK which might be new or different for you
  • help you prepare for any cultural changes that might lie ahead
  • answer some of the questions you probably have about study in the UK
  • provide you with an opportunity to use and improve your language skills at the same time as finding out about study in the UK

  How can I use it?

You may have questions about Prepare for Success before you start using it. Click below any question to see the answer.

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• Why has Prepare for Success been created?

• Which language skills can I improve?

• How can I find out how to do the activities?

• How should I do the activities?

• What kind of technical specifications should my computer, tablet or phone have?

• Are the activities accessible without a mouse?

• How long should I spend on each item?

• What should I do when I have finished?