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For me, the technology is more advanced here. You feel proud - you're trying to get the most from everything that there is here. - Conchita

Some aspects of studying at university in the UK have changed significantly in recent years. Whereas ten years ago students starting university courses might have expected to spend most of their time using books in the library, you are likely to find that you spend much of your time online using a computer. University tutors now use a wide range of online resources to teach and support their courses, and new students need to quickly become familiar with these and start using them.

In these activities, you will do a quiz to to find out how much of your time will be spent online while you are studying in the UK. You will also listen to a university tutor talking about how she and her students use technology on a course that she teaches.

Activity 1University study in the digital age

What do you know about how university students in the UK study in the digital age? In this activity, you can find out how much of your course in the UK might involve studying online.

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Look at each of these statements about university study in the UK and decide whether they are true or false. Select the 'True' or the 'False' button for each statement before reading the feedback. When you have finished, calculate your score to find out how well you did.

1. During my studies in the UK, I expect to use a computer mostly for writing essays.

2. All course contact with my tutors will be through timetabled lectures and seminars.

3. My course documentation may be made available to me in a variety of ways.

4. I will only be able to hear my course lectures if I attend them.

5. If I want to identify books and journals that I need for my studies, I will need to go to the library.

6. Sharing ideas with my classmates and course collaborations can only take place during seminars.

How much did you already know about online study? When you have finished, click below to calculate how many correct answers you have and look at your score below to find out what your score shows.


Activity 2A university tutor speaks about using technology

In this activity you are going to listen to a university tutor talking about how she and her students use technology on a course that she teaches.

Dr Liz Hauge, a British tutor

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Read the statements first, and then listen carefully to Liz (Dr Hauge) talking about how she and her students use technology on a university course. She mentions some online resources and technologies in relation to her use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and others in relation to her classroom teaching. Move each online resource or technology into the appropriate box, check your answers and then look at the feedback. You can listen to the interview as many times as you need to.

In a VLE
In the classroom
Assignment titles
Computer workbench
Concordancing learning activity
Course documents
OHP acetates
Powerpoint presentations
Streamed video
University library link
Useful media and cultural links

Audio transcript (pdf, 13kb).

Listen to the interview with Liz again using the transcript above if you need to check your understanding. The parts of the transcript containing the answers to the listening task are highlighted.

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