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Reaching your goal

Reaching the end and taking the next step

At first I was kind of afraid. I was thinking about my pronunciation. You think that it all should be perfect. Now I've discovered a lot of cultural things. People on the streets speak very differently. - Jean-Claude

Congratulations! You have almost reached the end of Prepare for Success. Now that you have worked through the learning activities you should have a clear idea of what university study in the UK will be like and how you can get ready for it. The next step will be when you arrive in the UK.

In these final two activities, there is a short quiz for you to do to find out how much you have learnt from Prepare for Success. You can also help us by giving us your feedback to let us know what you think about Prepare for Success.

Activity 1What did you learn?

This short quiz will help you test yourself about some of the learning material in Prepare for Success. At the end of the quiz you can see how you did.

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Choose an answer to these questions about Prepare for Success. When you have finished, read the feedback to check your answers.

1. Which of these is the best presentation technique?

2. What is the value of working collaboratively in groups with other students?

3. If you had been given a week to write a 2000-word essay, which of these would be the best approach?

4. Which of these is the best way to approach dealing with a course reading list?

5. What approach should you use while listening to lectures on your course?

6. What purpose is timetabled independent study intended to serve?

7. Which of these is an unacceptable way to use what you read (source material) in your academic writing?

8. What is online study likely to involve on a university taught course?


Activity 2Send us your feedback please

Finally, here is one last task for you to do. Please spend a few minutes giving us you feedback on Prepare for Success. This will help us to improve the toolkit in the future.

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Open this link to send us your views. We look forward to hearing from you!

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