A small group of students learning with a tutor

Learning on a course

Ways of being taught on your course

Most lecturers in my country write down everything on the blackboard. So we only take notes from that; we usually don't take notes by listening. - Genji

During your studies in the UK you can expect to be taught in different ways. Most students attend lectures and seminars on their course, and they sometimes have tutorials and workshops too.

In this activity you will find out what each of these ways of being taught might involve and how to benefit from them.

ActivityWhat do different ways of being taught involve?

In this activity you are going to explore what is involved in four different ways of being taught, as experienced by students in universities in the UK.



Think about the differences between four ways of teaching that you might experience on your course: a lecture, seminar, tutorial and workshop. Look at the 16 descriptions below, decide which best describe each way of being taught and move them onto the appropriate picture. Then check your answers and read the feedback.

A teaching session often with a practical focus
A way of teaching groups of on average 20 students
Can take place in tutor's office rather than classroom
Formal presentation to a large group of students
Group discussion allows deeper investigation of topic
Lasts up to an hour with time for questions afterwards
Method for conveying information about a subject
Often has a specific focus e.g. close study of a text
Small 'class' of one or several students with a tutor
Speaker may use visual aids or give a hand-out
Students in the UK should take notes while listening
Students may be asked to present / lead on set topics
Group interaction through informal arrangement around a table
Likely to involve hands-on activity as well as structured group work
Students work together with an experimental or investigatory aim, sometimes using computers
This way of teaching allows more individual student attention

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