A tutor with a student

A tutor with a student

Your relationship with your tutors

With most lecturers, the best way to contact them is by email, and then set up an appointment with them. It's very unusual to turn up at their office, just expecting an appointment, unless it's something really urgent. - Andrew

You may be surprised to discover that the role of a university tutor can vary from one country to another. When you arrive in the UK you may find some differences between what university tutors do in the UK and what university tutors do in your home country.

In these activities you will listen to a British student talking about his relationship with tutors on his university course and do a quiz to test yourself about the role of university tutors in the UK.

Activity 1An interview with a British student

You are going to listen to an interview with Andrew, a British student in his second year of study on an undergraduate degree course. The interviewer asks Andrew some questions about his contact with tutors on his university course.

Andrew, a British student

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Read the statements first, and then listen carefully to Andrew talking about his contact with different tutors on his course. Some of the statements below are 'True' in relation to what Andrew says, and some are 'False'. Move each statement into the appropriate box, check your answers and then look at the feedback. You can listen to the interview as many times as you need to.

Andrew could not choose his course modules in his first and second years.
Andrew is given a printed receipt to show that he has submitted an assignment.
Andrew receives most assignment feedback from his lecturers by email.
Andrew sees his Personal Tutor once a week during his second year of study.
Andrew uses online submission for most of his course assignments.
Andrew's lecturers all run seminars as well as giving lectures.
Personal Tutors help with course concerns, work extensions for personal reasons and monitor general progress.
Students are advised by their Personal Tutors on which modules to take each semester.

Audio transcript (pdf, 15kb).

Listen to the interview with Andrew again using the transcript above if you need to check your understanding. The parts of the transcript containing the answers to the listening task are highlighted.

Activity 2Knowing what to expect from your tutors

What do you expect in terms of when and how you will be able to see your tutors in the UK? How do you think you should address your tutors? By doing this quiz you can test yourself to find out if you know what to expect from tutors in the UK.

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Study these six questions about working with university tutors in the UK and select the answer that you think is right for each. When you have finished, calculate your score and read the feedback for each question.

1. How often do you expect to see a course tutor?

2. What do you think is the correct way to address your tutor?

3. If you needed to see your tutor, how would you do this?

4. If you have a problem that is affecting your study who should you go to see?

5. How do you expect your tutor to deal with your assignments?

6. How many tutors do you think you will have on your course during one semester?

How much do you know about what to expect from your tutors in the UK? When you have finished, click below to calculate how many correct answers you have and look at your score below to find out what your score shows.


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