Can I work in the UK?

This week’s blog post is in answer to a student’s question about doing a part-time job while studying at university in the UK. To find out whether you, specifically, are allowed to work while studying as an international student in the UK, you will need to check your own passport (or possibly identity card). This is quite complicated as there are various categories and levels of permission associated with working. It is also possible that your passport stamp will say ‘work prohibited / no work’. For the information you will need to decide whether or not you are allowed to work while studying in the UK, and to see examples of the different passport stamps relating to work permission, you are advised to look at the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website: UKCISA: Can you work?

If you are already studying at university in the UK and are wondering if you can do any part-time work or not while you are here, the Student Services department of your university or college may be able to help you find the answer.

If you have a question related to academic life and study in the UK and you can’t find the answer in the Prepare for Success learning resources, write it on the Question Wall and we will try to answer it here in the blog.

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